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Site FAQ

Tax Maze

SmallBizTaxAdvisor leads yo through the maze.

How should I use is a resource for small businesses on all tax issues and a directory of Tax advisors that have either the CPA or E.A. designation and work with small businesses.

When should I seek out the advice of an advisor listed on this site?
It is generally a good idea to seek out a tax advisor when you are in the process of starting your new business. It is also useful to have a tax advisor assist you with any tax returns or IRS audits.

What are some of the primary issues I should be concerned about when starting a new business?
Type of tax entity; liability issues; tax costs; recordkeeping; financing; insurance; employee payroll issues; business plans and projections; benefits; retirement plans and many other issues.

How important are taxes when starting a new business?
Very important. Depending on type of entity chosen, you could pay up to 50% or more of your net income in taxes. This includes federal and state income tax and self-employment or FICA tax.

How do I use the state tax pages on the Web site?
Click on your state’s name to be directed to that individual state’s section. Here, you will find tax contacts and filing requirements for this state. You will also find a directory of advisors for this state — these are located in the right hand column.

Are there any fees or costs associated with using this Web site?
There are no fees charged to small businesses seeking information from this site. Tax advisors are charged a small annual fee for being listed in their state directory after their credentials have been checked.

What are the requirements to be listed as an advisor on the website?
To be listed on the website a tax advisor must be a licensed CPA or Enrolled agent and have experience working with small businesses.

Can you recommend any books on starting a small business?
Please see our bookshelf for recommendations.

What if I need medical insurance?
See the link to to meet your health insurance needs.

What should I do if I am contacted by the IRS or state authority for an audit?
See the article on our “federal taxes section.